Six perfect vacation hairstyles and beach hairstyles

Perfect HairstylesAh, vacation-we like to play in the sun! Whether you are traveling to a tropical island or merely resting on the beach, these are our favorite hairstyles; they are super cute and easy to make.

Some things to consider:

1. The weather may be very hot or very warm
2. After washing, the hair behavior may be different due to water, sea salt or chlorine
3. You may not take away the entire collection of hair tools and products.
4. You still want to look super cute, right?

Do not worry! Because the following hairstyles we have selected for you are very simple, suitable for most hair types, and require little or no hair products or hair tools;) Let’s get started!

1. Vacation Hairstyles – Heatless Headband Waves

Perfect HairstylesWe love this heatless waves method. You can do this trick with damp hair overnight and wake up with beautiful waves (ready to go!), or you can wear a headscarf all day on the beach and take off the headscarf at night to spend the night.

2. Head Scarf Hairstyles

Very suitable for use on a wet day or when your hair is a little crazy! The combination of these four super cute scarves can make your hair messy, relaxed, and bohemian.

3. Vacation Hairstyles – Dutch Braid

Perfect Hairstyles

When the weather is hot, it is great to pull the hair off the face and neck. This Dutch braid is a beautiful way to do this, and it always looks super cute.

4. Vacation Hairstyles – Quick & Messy Updo

Perfect Hairstyles

Whether day or night, you can shake this hairstyle and it looks fantastic. The best part-it only takes a few minutes to complete! Feel free to change the headband to suit your day/night appearance.

5. Vacation Hairstyles – Double Fishtail Braid

We say yes to any braid. It is our favorite choice because it is simple to make, but it doesn’t look easy! If your natural hair is not suitable for this style, and you don’t want to wear hair extensions, remember that you can always do regular fishtail or other braid hairstyles.

6. Vacation Hairstyles – Curly Hair Messy Bun

It is suitable for all your naturally curly beauties! It’s so simple but so beautiful; it’s perfect for a tropical holiday.

Look! 6 perfect holiday and beach hairstyles. Simple, fast, convenient, and beautiful. What is your favorite hairstyle to rock during the holidays?

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