Does a High Protein Diet Cause Me Hair Loss?

High protein diets may be a big way to lose weight and consume fat. But They will cause some harm to your body,and in some circumstances, even reason hair loss

The relationship between hair loss and a high-protein diet

Me Hair LossIf you’re eating a diet tall in protein, you may have cut out or drastically limited your intake of foods’ probable carbohydrates. When you divest your body of certain foods, it can reason nutritional deficiencies that may lead to hair loss. If your body isn’t gain all the nutrients it indispensably to function suitably, neither is your hair. click here for more

How Low Carbohydrate Intake & Thinning Hair

Carbohydrates have many calories, which your body, contains your hair follicles, uses for fuel. When you reduce your caloric intake to an exceedingly low horizontal, your liver converting fatty acids and ketones into energy, created a situation of ketosis. With little carbohydrate diets, your body no longer has its choose source of energy, and instead turns to fat for fuel. If your body doesn’t have sufficient fuel, your hair follicles may be one of the first organs to close down to conserve energy. 

Restrictive Diets & Hair Loss

Me Hair Loss

The stress of limitative diets can prematurely shove more of your hair follicles into the resting (telogen) phase of the hair growth cycle. This is inasmuch as they may not have enough calories or nutrients to last energetic in the growth phase. When you change your eating habits may cause stress to the body, causing your hair follicles to go into shock. Your follicles are susceptible, and they can detect even a small variation in their environment. They may close down to attempt to guard themselves, and when follicles close down, it triggers a loss of hair. But, once you resume a balanced food, your hair follicles will commonly restore to normal, and the additional shedding will suspend.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you lately begin a high protein diet and are undergo hair loss, it’s a good idea to talk to your physician. This type of food may still be a choice for you, but you should interrogate your medical provider concerning join nutritional supplements. Your physician may also command blood tests to rule out other medical issues that can lead to hair loss.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

Me Hair Loss

While a alter in diet can lead to hair loss, there are many likely arguments for thinning hair. Genetic hair loss is the most common reason, but losing hair can also be caused by autoimmune circumstances, hormonal fluctuations, thyroideal sickness, anemia, chronic stress, and harsh styling practices. Other triggers contain prescriptions such as blood thinners, birth control, steroids, antidepressants, and weight loss drugs.

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