How to change the appearance – New appearance ideas

Have you ever thought about doing different things to your hair, but don’t want to do anything bold to your hair, such as dyeing or cutting your hair?

Most of us stick to our appearance and hairstyle every day. Easy to fall into the same routine. Convenient, familiar, fast. The same. Sometimes it’s a good idea to get out of your hair comfort zone and try something new. click here for more

These are some simple ways you can change the appearance without damaging the hair or any drastic changes.

1. How to change the appearance:Girly Girl

New Look Ideas

If your hairstyle usually doesn’t scream “girly-girl,” why not put on clothes and sprinkle some flowers or ribbons in your hair to change it? These trinkets on the hair will create a feminine, playful, and cute look.

2. How to change the appearance:Part With Your Regular Hair Part

New Look IdeasAlthough you think it may be the most flattering, or maybe the hair naturally falls this way, changing your hair part can make a huge difference and reinvent your look! Parting your hair will add volume and dimension at the roots, which will frame your face in a new way.

Hint: If your classic hair part is stubborn and keeps overpowering your new piece, don’t worry. Spray some water or styling spray and blow-dry the hair to train it to stay in the new direction.

3. How to change the appearance:Pull Hair Back With a Headband

New Look IdeasThis one goes out to all you girls who love hiding behind your bangs – try it out! You can use a headband, or tie your hair back in a high ponytail or bun. There is something so light and charming about opening up your beautiful features. No, nobody else is as paranoid about your baby hairs as you are (but you can try keeping those at bay by applying some hairspray and using a toothbrush and blow drier to sleek them back).

4. How to change the appearance:Try A Faux Bob

New Look IdeasCutting all your hair off into a bob is a considerable commitment. So why not go from long to short with a Faux Bob? Get ready to respond to a bunch of remarks like ‘Omg! Did you cut your hair?! It looks so nice!” 😉

5. How to change the appearance:Classy

The classic look is timeless. Try opting for elegant looks that are perfectly combed and executed. To achieve a classy feel, try a dramatic side part and a low bun or chignon. Add some pearls, some lipstick, and voila!

6. How to change the appearance:Edgy

Do you know what’s fun? Occasionally out of the usual style. If you’re not edgy/rocker-chic daily, throw on a leather jacket and try rocking this funky look for a day.

7. How to change the appearance:Get Ombre (Without Dying Your Hair)

Ombre hair extensions are the perfect way to play around with the color of your hair with absolutely zero damage to your hair. Enjoy the best of both worlds and instantly get the ombre look by using some ombre hair extensions.

While some of these may not look like something you would generally prefer, surely some styles appeal to you that you’ve never tried, we encourage you to experiment with different styles and have fun with it!

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